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Compassionate Representation Throughout The Probate Process

For example, the Personal Representative of an Estate and his/her attorney may need to address some or all of the following circumstances during the probate process:

  • Appointment of and/or Determination of Personal Representative to administer the Estate

  • Identification, valuation and inventory of property

  • Spousal Share of an Estate where the Decedent did not leave a Will

  • Determination of heirs and/or beneficiaries

  • Defend or challenge the validity, proper execution and/or authenticity of a Will

  • Interpretation of a Will

  • A spouse’s or child’s interest in an estate Will executed before the marriage and/or birth does not provide for them

  • Litigation to enforce the terms of a Will or to challenge a Creditor’s claim

  • Determination of Homestead Status of Real Property

  • Payment or settlement of debts and taxes

  • Reviewing and analyzing creditor's claims to determine the Estate's liability therefor, if, how and when they will be paid

  • Distributing property to comply with the terms of the Will or according with law where no Will exists

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Get experienced, knowledgeable guidance and support with the administration of your loved one's estate

Death is an inescapable fact of life. Sooner or later you may find yourself with the responsibility of the disposition of a loved one’s estate. Probate is the court-supervised process of the orderly management of property and/or businesses belonging to a deceased person, the resolution of a decedent’s creditors’ claims and the distribution of estate assets.  


In South Florida, the Courts will not permit a non-attorney to administer an estate without legal representation.  The process is complicated, requires the services of an experienced attorney with a diversified background and understanding of the Probate Code, Probate Rules, Rules of Civil Procedure, insurance law, real estate law, business law, Federal and State estate tax law as well as banking and/or brokerage firm procedures to wade through whatever business an estate may present.


Do not delay in seeking out legal advise for this process.  As well, under Florida law there are certain deadlines that need to be complied with, the failure to do so may be quite costly if a particular deadline is missed or overlooked.


As you and your family address the various issues associated with the administration of the Estate and the probate process, Mr. Weinstein will work with you providing answers to your questions, ensuring that you and your family are treated fairly while complying with Florida law and/or the final wishes of your deceased loved one.